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San Diego provides locations for any sized production. Let us find you the unique venue for your film shoot or music video.

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Just a few hours south of Hollywood’s movie industry, San Diego is a premier location for filming. Nowhere is that influence more apparent than in the diverse architectural styles of the city’s finest luxury homes.  From the classic Spanish Colonial style to secluded beach bungalows and authentic historical representations, a luxury rental from Luca & Luca is a film-maker’s dream come true.

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Whether it’s an ultra-modern glass-encased mansion perched high in La Jolla, or a Tuscan-style villa nestled in Del Mar, luxury movie filming locations in San Diego can instantly transport viewers into any time period or location in the world. From a rambling estate that evokes the landscape of a tropical hideaway to an elegant mansion that conjures up images of life in an English manor, the experts at Luca & Luca give you access to luxury homes for every setting imaginable.

If you’re searching for a mansion to shoot a music video, Luca & Luca can help. The exclusive neighborhoods of San Diego are full of hidden treasures that can provide the perfect backdrop for your film or video production. Luxury SoCal film locations include homes with sweeping drives, lush landscaping and rich, sumptuous interiors. Sunny California is known the world over for its abundance of swimming pools, and the luxury homes of San Diego’s exclusive neighborhoods have some of the most distinctive pools in the world.

As ideal as the San Diego area is for shooting films and music videos, without help from the experts at Luca & Luca, finding the perfect setting can be challenging. The best rental properties in the city are so exclusive, they are not listed. Their owners are the private clients of Luca & Luca. If you’re interested in a luxury location that will take your film or video to the next level, simply contact us at today. Appropriate venues will be selected for your consideration from our private database of exclusive properties.

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Get in touch with us and one of our representatives will help to find your perfect luxury rental.

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