Del Mar

Del Mar provides some of the most sought after accommodations in the San Diego county. Whether you are a surfer in love with the ocean, or a golfer looking for a relaxing environment, Del Mar has some of the best beachfront properties and luxury villas available.

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Del Mar is a secluded beach town nestled in San Diego County.  This neighborhood provides some of the top accommodation choices for tourists visiting Southern California.

Located right above the coastal village of La Jolla, Del Mar offers a large variety of attractions.  Spend your afternoon at the  world famous Del Mar Racetrack or on the Torrey Pines golf course.  Antique shows and incredible beach-side resorts resorts will always be accessible to you.

Walk, relax, or run down the endless sandy beaches of Del Mar.  This cliff-side escape is equipped with clean ocean air and breathtaking views.

Del Mar is the perfect destination for surfers and lovers of ocean, with activities such as: sailing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball and more.  The Seagrove and Powerhouse parks allow families and couples to picnic and spend a colorful day surrounded by nature.

Dog-lovers will find themselves at home in Del Mar.  Most of the parks are dog-friendly, with reserved dog areas to enjoy the day unleashed and in company of many other four-legged friends.

The luxury property vacation rentals located in Del Mar are the perfect accommodation for families, couples and visitors looking to relax, enjoy the exclusive town, and some of the most breathtaking beaches of San Diego.

Del Mar house rentals are available all year long and easily accessible due to the services offered by Luca&Luca. Let us set you up with the best property rental available in Del Mar, and embark on your amazing vacation today.

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